• Accessibility

Quincy is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. From broken and uneven sidewalks, to out of service elevators and escalators, to a lack of closed captioning at community meetings, we can do better.   

  • Development

Danielle has been meeting voters across the ward and the top concern has been the endless development, and how it seems to be going up anywhere and everywhere, often despite protests from neighbors.

As someone who was recently informed that a 6 story building will be going up across the street from her, she understands. She also understands the relational issues that overdevelopment is causing such as increased traffic which is not only frustrating when trying to get simple errands done, but it’s now a safety hazard as formerly quiet streets are becoming cut throughs for people trying to avoid the traffic.

Danielle believes we ARE developing too quickly and as your councilor, she will not rubber-stamp every project that comes before me. Danielle believes in the concept of controlled growth that benefits the community. She will do her best to slow the development until we understand its impact on our daily lives.

Danielle supports a city wide review of zoning which is long overdue.


Danielle also pledges not to accept any money from developers. Her dedication will be to you and to advocating for your issues.

  • Affordable Housing

As development increased, we were promised more affordable housing yet many are being priced out of the city they love. According to The Patriot Ledger, Quincy has collected $21.4 million in payments from developers in lieu of designating affordable units, but has only spent 1/3rd of it on new housing. If elected, Danielle will request a seat on the Affordable Housing Committee to fight for and fund more truly affordable housing units. 

Danielle also supports the proposal of owner occupied abatements to offer some tax relief to homeowners.

  • Improving the Flood Zones

With miles of coastline and several variables that create vulnerability for devastating floods that come with a high price for residents of Ward 1, we need to invest in viable solutions such as proposed storm surge barriers and effective drainage.

Danielle supports the storm surge gates proposed by William Golden in The Patriot Ledger: the gate system would extend about 25 feet above the mean low tide mark. It would typically allow for tides to flow in and out and leave 250-foot-wide openings for boats to navigate through. The gates could be closed at low tide leading into a storm to reduce the risk of flooding from storm surges.

  • Improving Infrastructure

Development increases the number of cars on our city streets leading to more congestion, increased travel times/fuel costs as well as premature and costly damage to roads. Danielle will fight for follow through on existing plans and push for improvements where needed.


  • Increased Access to Opioid Treatment

    Recovering addicts who use methadone are twice as likely to be opioid free at the end of a year than those who do not, yet Quincy's only methadone treatment may soon be forced to close after 30 years of operation. We can do better. Danielle is in favor of allowing Habit Opco to create a comprehensive drug treatment center at 39 Broad St. 

  • Cleaning Up Our Local Neighborhoods and Parks 

Too many of our streets, beaches and parks have been neglected. We can do better. Danielle is committed to community. Overgrown park grass, a lack of trash receptacles, dumping in the water and other general littering will be addressed. 

  • No Compressor Station

Danielle will also continue the fight against the compressor station in Weymouth that will affect Quincy residents:  with all of the risk and not one bit of the "reward."

Between the potential for disasters and the clear and undeniable health risks associated with increased pollution via the emission of toxic chemicals into our air, not to mention our existing designation as an environmental economic justice area, it is unconscionable that the compressor station is being pushed on us.​​

  • MBTA

The proposed hike is particularly insulting to the residents of Quincy who have been disproportionately inconvenienced with the recent simultaneous construction work on 3 of our 4 stations and most of the track problems seemingly happening on the Braintree line. From construction to loss of parking spaces to signal problems or traffic up ahead, fires and derailments, when do we demand better and say enough is enough? Fix it and get back to us." - Danielle Kempe Candidate for City Council, Quincy

Unfair Hikes Graphic Danielle Kempe.png